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Qazi, Firdaus Anwar (1982) URDU FICTION WRITING AND ITS TENDENCIES. PhD thesis, University of Balochistan, Quetta.



The objective of writing this theses is not only to study the autobiographies but to conduct a critical research on Urdu fiction in various periods of history. The history of Urdu fiction goes back to almost over 80 years. During this long span Sub Continent observed numerous Reforms, Political and Economic movements which left a deep impact on the literature of that area. Fiction is one the types of literature which studies and represents the life of an individual very closely and minutely in its existing environment. In this way the tendencies in Urdu fiction and its experimental research study becomes a de facto mental and historical study and analysis of the of the resident of Sub Continent. This research paper is comprised of twelve chapters. In these chapters at length discussion is carried out on the various stages of development of fiction writings. It has its own importance due to non availability of any such document in Urdu literature which comprehensively covers various development stages of fiction writing with great details and historical continuity. This research paper begins with Sir Syed Movement and discusses analytically all the social, political and economic movements , it defines fiction writing, what are its requirements, the nature of its creation and limits, it also provide an insight on the period wise trends of fiction writing together with the western literature and fiction writing. 1901 is time for the initiation of Urdu fiction by Prem Chand and Sajjad Haider Yalderam. During this time the fiction writing follow simple patron of title, plot, character, dialogue, a beginning and an end and these were considered important parts of a fiction. Most of the fiction writing were inclined towards romanticism, social reforms and narrating historical events but with Prem Chand changed the trend by depicting village scenes and projecting the life of farmers thus bringing in the element of realism and political movement in Urdu fiction. In 1939 the publication of Angaray brought a revolutionary change in Urdu fiction writing, in sub continent the movement for independence was in full swing, struggle for independence were aggregating. Fiction writing not only reflecting those trends but a glimpse of experiments of Frued and Marx was also present in them. In this way the political theories as well as conflict of conscious and sub conscious created a sense of realization in Urdu fiction with a marked tone. The beginning of Second World War is the beginning of Third round of fiction writing. The scope of fiction writing was widened and new experiment provided a new direction of collective conscious to Urdu fiction writing. During this period a comedy element is also observed in the fiction although it was not a healthy or favorable trend but it did open a new avenue for comedy. Azeem Baig Chughatai is a great name in such fiction writing. Year 1947 witnessed the emergence of two big states Pakistan and India bloody riots erupted and like literature, fiction writing cannot remain unaffected from its impact As the riots subsided it gave birth to a new generation of fiction writers which comprised of Intezar Hussain, Ishfaq Ahmed and Shaukat Siddiqui. The most of these writers believes in symbolism and they were more frequent in accepting the impact of western thought and movement than their predecessors. Our new fiction writers under the impact of new trends continuously depicting social negative trends in their current writings and Urdu fiction writing after 1947 has rapidly changed to negative trends and the element of historical conscious is missing in it and that is why a projection of negative trends in Urdu fiction is depicted through symbolism. It clearly shows that the modern Urdu fiction has revolted against the prevailing principles of fiction writing and entered in an experimental era

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