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Javed, Waqar (1974) SYSTEMATIC STUDY OF INDIAN OCEAN GALATHEIDAE. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



In the course of this study, a total of 535 specimens of the family galatheidae, collected during the international Indian ocean expedition (IIOE) have been carefully & critically examined. In all forty-two species pertaining to nine genera are described in detail and illustrated, of which one genus and twelve species are new. Manningogalathea Manningogalathea raymondi Munida carinata Munida babai Munida janetae Galathea keijii Galathea nasimate Galathea chirostyloides Galathea omanensis Galathea bengala Has been divided into five groups according to their nephologic and presumably phylogenetic affinities. Through the presentation of description of several characters which differentiate the species into groups, it is hoped work of this genus, very much needed for such a heterogeneous groups. Available juveniles are also carefully studied and illustrated.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:galatheidae, manningogalathea, manningogalathea raymondi, munida carinata, munida babai, munida janetae, galathea keijii, galathea nasimate, galathea chirostyloides, galathea omanensis, galathea bengala
Subjects:Biological & Medical Sciences (c) > Biological Sciences(c1) > Paleo-zoology(c1.10)
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Deposited On:19 Dec 2006
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