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Illyas, Shahida (2000) CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF POLITICAL ROLE OF MUHAMMAD ALI JOUHAR VIZ-A-VIZ KHILAFAT. PhD thesis, Islamia University, Bahawalpur.



The first chapter deals with those circumstances which confronted Muslims from 1875 to 1906 i.e. during the period of economical, social, academic and political decay of Muslims. Although Muhammad Ali took away form practical polities till the middle of 1906 be stepped into politics at the end of 1906, when Muslim League as party came to being. The dispute of Urdu-Hindi played a vital part in the establishment of Muslim League. Muhammad Ali was one of its founder members. Comrade an English newspaper and Hamdard an Urdu newspaper were issued by his in 1911 & 1913 respectively. He was put behind the bar in December 1919 for writing an article under the caption of Choice of the Takes The third chapter discusses circumstances right from 1919 to 1924 during this period Roll Act, mishap of Jallianwlal garden , Satyah Grah movement of Ghandi & Montego Chemsford reforms took place. They paved the way for Hindu-Muslim unity. Khalifat movement was set off under the leadership of Moulana Abd Al-Bari Frangi Mahally. In December 1919 the leadership of the movement was handed over to Muhammad Ali after his release. He lead a deputation to Europe. He infused a new spirit in the movement by his speeches. He was arrested after presiding Khlafat conference in 1921 in Karachi. In February 1922, during his imprisonment Khlafat movement ceased to function. The fourth chapter deals with Hindu-Muslim politics from 1924 to 1931. Therein we find mention of his attempt for forgoing unity among Hindu-Muslims.

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