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Muhammad Arshad
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Department Of History And Pakistan Studies/ Islamia University Of Bahawalpur
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muslim politics, political movement, punjab, majlis ahrar-i-islam, shahidganj movement, khaksar movement, allama mashraqi, unionist party, punjab provincial muslim league, all india muslim league, allama muhammad iqbal, pakistan movement

In the present study, political, economic, social and religious conditions of the Punjab had been traced since 1849 to serve as a background to the forthcoming chapters which discuss the politics and political movements of the Punjab form 1932 to 1942. A study of various agitational campaigns of the Majlis Ahrar-i-Islam, along with the background inception and objectives of the organization have been discussed evaluating their activities. It is followed by description and analysis of the Shahidganj movement since 1935. How the various parties and groups reacted to the movement and what was the impact of the movement upon them have also been discussed. Khaksar Movement of Allama Mashraqi has also been dwelt upon discussing its basis, nature, objectives, and ways and means adopted to achieve these objectives followed by an evaluation of the movement and its leader. Among the political parties, the roles of the Unionist Party and Punjab Provincial Muslim League have been discussed. The tussle between the leaders of the Punjab Provincial Muslims League and the Unionists and the relationship between the Unionist Muslims and the All India Muslim League is also a subject of study. In the last chapter the demand of Pakistan at the Lahore session of All India Muslim League in March 1940 and the efforts to popularise it along the Muslim masses in the Punjab on part of local Muslim politicians as well students up to 1942 have been discussed preceded by an exposition of some of proposals put forward by prominent Muslims from the Punjab including Allama Muhammad Iqbal. In the conclusion it is asserted that the reactions to the happenings of the decade starting from 1932. in the Punjab culminated in the demand and popularity of Pakistan movement in a limited span of a few years.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 The Punjab Since 1849: An Introduction 1-73
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  1.1 Socio-Geographical Structure Of The Punjab Since 1849 1
  1.2 Socio-Economic Importance Of The Punjab Land Alienation Act 12
  1.3 Muslims’ Backwardness In Education And Under-Representation In The Government Services 14
  1.4 Beginning Of Religious Antagonism 18
  1.5 Muslim Response To Hindu And Christian Militancy 21
  1.6 Political Conditions And Legislative Reforms In The Punjab Politics And Mont-Ford Reforms In The Punjab Up To 1919 30
  1.7 Punjab Politics And Mont-Ford Reforms 1919-1930 39
  1.8 Khilafat Movement In Punjab 49
  1.9 Height Of Hindu-Muslim Tension 60
  1.10 Punjab And The Proposal For Constitutional Advance 1927-30 63
3 2 Majlis Ahrar -I-Islam And Its Agitational Politics 74-131
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  2.1 Background 75
  2.2 Aims And Objectives 76
  2.3 Organization 79
  2.4 Agitational Politics Of Majlis-I-Ahrar 84
  2.5 The Ahrar And The Indian National Congress 115
  2.6 Majlis Ahrar -I-Islam: An Appraisal 122
4 3 The Movement For The Restoration Of Shaheedganj Mosque 132-219
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  3.1 History Of Shaheedgunj Mosque 133
  3.2 Demolition And Agitation 136
  3.3 Legal Fight And The Second Phase Of Shaheedgunj Movement 174
  3.4 Shaheedgunj And The Ahrar 183
  3.5 Response Of Other Political Parties 190
  3.6 Shaheedgunj : An Analysis 196
5 4 The Khaksar Movement 1932-1942 220-316
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  4.1 The Founder And The Beginning Of The Movement 221
  4.2 Organization 223
  4.3 Important Feature Of The Movement 230
  4.4 The Real Motives Of The Movement 237
  4.5 Growth And Development 241
  4.6 The Three Demands Of The Khaksars And The Punjab Government 248
  4.7 Khaksar’s Campaign Against Madh-I-Sahabah Controversy In The U.P 254
  4.8 Tragedy Of March 19 And Its Implications 268
  4.9 The Khaksar Movement In Retrospect 302
6 5 Introduction And The Working Of Provincial Autonomy In The Punjab 1923-1942
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  5.1 Prelude To The Introduction Of Provincial Autonomy In The Punjab 318
  5.2 Working Of Provincial Autonomy In The Punjab 335
7 6 Pakistan Demand And Movement In The Punjab 1932-1942 356-395
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  6.1 Punjab And The Idea Of A Separate Homeland Of The Muslims 360
  6.2 Lahore Resolution Of All India Muslim League And The Punjab 374
  6.3 Pakistan Movement In The Punjab 1940-1942 384
8 7 Conclusion 396-402
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  7.1 Bibliography 403-413