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Muhammad, Arshad (2001) MUSLIM POLITICS AND POLITICAL MOVEMENT IN THE PUNJAB (1932-1942). PhD thesis, Islamia University, Bahawalpur.



In the present study, political, economic, social and religious conditions of the Punjab had been traced since 1849 to serve as a background to the forthcoming chapters which discuss the politics and political movements of the Punjab form 1932 to 1942. A study of various agitational campaigns of the Majlis Ahrar-i-Islam, along with the background inception and objectives of the organization have been discussed evaluating their activities. It is followed by description and analysis of the Shahidganj movement since 1935. How the various parties and groups reacted to the movement and what was the impact of the movement upon them have also been discussed. Khaksar Movement of Allama Mashraqi has also been dwelt upon discussing its basis, nature, objectives, and ways and means adopted to achieve these objectives followed by an evaluation of the movement and its leader. Among the political parties, the roles of the Unionist Party and Punjab Provincial Muslim League have been discussed. The tussle between the leaders of the Punjab Provincial Muslims League and the Unionists and the relationship between the Unionist Muslims and the All India Muslim League is also a subject of study. In the last chapter the demand of Pakistan at the Lahore session of All India Muslim League in March 1940 and the efforts to popularise it along the Muslim masses in the Punjab on part of local Muslim politicians as well students up to 1942 have been discussed preceded by an exposition of some of proposals put forward by prominent Muslims from the Punjab including Allama Muhammad Iqbal. In the conclusion it is asserted that the reactions to the happenings of the decade starting from 1932. in the Punjab culminated in the demand and popularity of Pakistan movement in a limited span of a few years.

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