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Ahmad, Hafiz Iftikhar (1996) SHAIKH AMEEN AHSAN ISLAHI AND HIS METHODOLOGY IN HIS TAFSIR TADABBUR QURAN. PhD thesis, Islamia University, Bahawalpur.



The scholars of Indo-Pak sub-continent have contributed significantly towards the science of Tafsir, Hadith Jurisprudence & Arabic Literature. They laid special emphasis on the Quran and Sunnah Shah waliulla bin Abd-Al-Rahim Dehlvi (111AH-1176AH) and his sons, Shah Abdul Qadir (123 AH) and Shah Rafiuddin translated the Holy Quran in Persian & Urdu language respectively. Similarly sheikh Abd-Al-Aziz (1239 AH) explained the Holy Quran Urdu the name of Tafsir-i-Azizi. Therein he explained the chapter Fatha(The opening Chapter) and half of chapter Baqara(The Heifer). The colonial rule of great Britain put an end to the movement of Islamic sciences by forming school for modern education Quranic Exegetics(TAFSIR) From among the important interpretation of the Quran complied in the sub-continent during thirteen century of Hijra are as under:- Mudhi h AL-Quran by shah Abdul Qadir son of Shah Waliulla (d1243A.). Fath Al-Mannan Known as Tafsir -i- Haqqani by Abdul Haq Haqqani(d1235 A.H) Footnotes upon Tafsir wre written like Al-Kamalain annotation of Al-Jalalain by Slamulla Renpuri (d 1229 A.H) and Al-Hlatain annotain of Al-Jalalain by Turab Ali (d 1281 A.H) Abd -Al- Rehman Al-Sailam wrote commentary of the Quran in two volumesion Pahto language and these is another commentary under the name of Madan Al-Jwahir by Waliulla son of Habibulla Ansari(d 1270 A.H). Most of the scholars during the period instead of writing original commentaries prefaced to bring into lime light efforts of the ancient commentators. These were some scholars like authors of Mudhih Al-Quran. Al-Tafsir Al-Mazhari and Al-Tafsir Al-Haqqain who deviated from the traditional methodology like Shah Abd -Qadir who in his Mudhi h Al-Quran elucidates some allegorical versus so that the reader many understand them easily. Sh Shabbir Ahmed Usmani in his commentary has relied manly on this tafsir. The author of Al-Tafsir Al-Haqqani like Al-Tafsir Al-Kabir discusses contemporary rational & philosophical problems. These were the heydays of Academic development. In the successive periods, the books written during this period like Al-Hitalain and innovation of Al-Jalalain were prescribed as textbook in religious schools. Many Islamic institutions were established in the sub-continent to face the challenge thereon by the modern English schools.

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